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havent played it yet. but it looks great might just be better than minecraft maybe better than the earth itself. in the words of bill wurtz - "you can make a religion out of this".

For the life of me, I cannot make the chocolate croissant in Level 2. Is this a me thing?? Can someone please tell me how to make them? I am very sad I can't progress ):

NEVERMIND I DID IT feeling very stupid B)



Eye opening. Jaw-dropping. Spectacular. If there is one game you are going to play in your life, please make this one it. This comments on the human experience in a deep and profound way that I don't think any other piece of media effectively captures. I would hate to spoil anything here, but this has changed my life. I intend to eat a croissant as soon as I can in the spirit of this game, for it has forced me to consider what I take for granted in a way that I deeply value.


Thank you! 

We too are big fans of croissants, they are super good

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I think I'm hitting some bugs. Playing on the Windows version my mouse and quick look buttons (E/Q) don't seem to be responding, so all I can really do is eat croissants.


Hi! It may be that you have a controller plugged in at the same time - the mouse and keyboard movement won't work if that's the case. Sorry about that!


Update - Windows version has been patched to fix some bugs in controller support which were preventing vertical analogue stick input from being registered.




I'm not sure what is going on but my cursor will only move horizontally, meaning that I cannot pick anything up. 

Could you let us know what version you're using (mac, pc, linux) and if you're using a mouse or controller? Thanks!

PC, and I had tried both keyboard + mouse and controller. 

Sorry you're having this issue! We're having trouble replicating this, if you have time could you please email and we'll try work it out :)


Weird fun game where you are a robot processing croissants on a conveyor belt. There are different croissant processes to perform for each level. It’s 15-30 minutes of story-mode challenges plus an endless mode. Made me want pastries. I'd play this again.


Thank you very much for your kind words!
You have also found one of our problems in development - we kept wanting to eat pastries while working on it!